Felice and his exquisite cuisine is the true symbol of La Gustea.
He combines the art of simple flavors and the wisdom of tradition. But then he adds a little dash of curiosity, coupled with an inventive flair for Tuscan aromatics, and much more!
Felice brings a love of fine cuisine, that he will share with you. Captivating you in a journey of flavor from your first encounter, throughout your stay and in your memories.
It’s La Gustea.
Buon Appetito.


From 7am to 10am. Every morning Felice gives you a good morning with:
homemade cakes, biscuits, cereals, jams, cheese, eggs and bacon, fresh bread and a good espresso coffee.


There is nothing that can not be solved with a smile and a good lunch.


A good glass of wine, a hot plate and the world stops.
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