La Gustea

Hotel & Cucina

Welcome to
La Gustea

“A change that renewes and enhances our love for Tuscany, hospitality, cuisine, and our guests.”

It’s La Gustea.
We are waiting for you.

La Gustea, offers distinctly Tuscan flavors, scents, and natural aromas, in an elegant and warm family atmosphere. Everything here is a hymn to taste and harmony; pleasurable dining, an ode to the culinary art.
Nadia and Felice welcome you into their home with a charm and hospitality that are unmatched; ring the doorbell, and enjoy their warmth with a welcoming cup of coffee. But there is so much more…more…La Gustea was born from Nadia and Felice’s shared vision: to create a joyous and welcoming home filled with new and exciting flavors and experiences, for everyone who stays with them.
It’s La Gustea.
Please, make yourselves at home.

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